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Our Customers...

Every week we get calls and emails from our customers with exciting stories of how the goat milk has helped them or their family and or how much they enjoyed touring our farm. Here are a few of their stories.

"I received my soap order and am very pleased.  All of the bars have an attractive country look.  The first bar I tried was the sage, lavender and lime.  It made a creamy lather, smelled delightful and left my skin feeling clean and soft.  It is my intention to be a repeat customer in the future. Thank you!"

"Sara, my fiancé and I really enjoyed our time at the farm today, I bought a camera on our way over there to take pictures for our family to see, but forgot to take any pictures as I was busy having too much fun and learning. Every question I had was answered very thoroughly and most of them before I even asked, your farm is very clean and organized, what a beautiful place! We will be back often as new customers of your wonderful milk and to purchase our our first goats when we get to that point in our lives! Thank you for everything! "

Kyle & Jessica
Pine City, MN

"Hi Sarah, I wanted to let you know how much fun our family had on our visit last week. It is all the younger three kids have talked about since we left. We want to thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to show us around and answer questions. It was a great tour and we had a wonderful time! Thanks again."

Craig, Rachel, Kalene, Bailey, Mason & Jaelon

"I have been using your product for 2 years now. My childen have allergies to cow milk and your goat milk has been our answer. Both my husband and I switched as well. HONESTLY, I think I have passed on you name to a dozen or more people to use for their cow's milk allergy children. I have seen footage of your goats, and they look very happy and healthy - and quite adorable:-) I appreciate all the care you all take with the goats, as they keep my kids healthy and happy. They both were so sick when they were on cow's milk, when we switched to Poplar Hill goat milk the change was almost immediate. Keep up the fabulous work, and please don't ever change your process."

Chaska, MN

"Hi, I picked up 2 gallons of raw milk from you 2 weeks ago. We love it and would like to order 6 gallons and pick them up this weekend. I have an auto-immune disease and poor digestion. Your milk makes the best kefir! Please let me know as soon as possible if we can come get some. THANKS SO MUCH!"


"I just wanted to let you know that I love my goat’s milk. I made mozzarella yesterday from one gallon and it was perfect. It tasted great and melted perfectly. I am so pleased that I found your farm and thank-you for your prompt communication with me and answering all of my questions."

Stillwater Heat Therapy
Stillwater, MN


We love to hear from our customers!
Please let us know about your experience with our products, goats or visits to our goat farm.


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"I am writing to say that I have recently discovered your goat milk product at Whole Foods and it has been a huge hit in our home.  I have raised the children on breast milk then rice milk since we have dairy sensitivities.  All 3 kids ages 9, 7, and 3 really like the goat milk alternative and I love giving them a big nutritious glass of it everyday. Thank you for your great product"

Edina, MN

"I just wanted you to know that my family and I love Poplar Hill Goat Milk because of its' excellent taste and superior health benefits.  It assimilates much better than cow milk and my daughter loves it's creamy, fresh taste.  We purchase it regularly from our local Whole Foods Coop and some times even drive all the way from Duluth to get it raw from your farm.  We either drink it plain or I make homemade Kefir out of it.  Either way, its always a win using your product.  Be sure to thank your goats for us."

Duluth, MN

"I just wanted to let you know that I love your goat milk!!!! I have been making goat milk soap since 2002 and will only use your goat milk for my soaps. I've tried powdered milk and milk from other farms and there is a big difference in quality. I will continue to pass on this tip to all my soaper friends. Thank you for always having fresh milk ready for me!"

Kim Johnson-Harding
Alie Body Care, LLC

"My second was raised on your goat milk and it was the best thing we ever did for her. Now we are having problems with our 3rd child. They do provide goat milk here, but we're not seeing the same improvements that we saw with our second child. We have visited MN a few times and during those times we used your milk with our baby. The improvement in her health was almost immediate. You have been a blessing to our family."

Marshalltown, IA

"I absolutely love your goat milk. I enjoy my ginger cookies and your goat milk. Try it some time. Just relaxing with Christmas hustle and bustle over. Your website is wonderful. Love those humble little goats. They all have such precious faces. My son Joshua was born in 1973, so the goats are even special to the time you all started too. In appreciation for you people and your goats."


"I've been buying your milk for the past 2 years for my little girl who cannot tolerate cow's milk. I am so thankful for you - providing a quality, local product that Rowan loves. I've recently discovered I can use WIC to purchase goat milk - that has helped tremendously. Thank you for your time and keep up the great work!"

Melanie & Rowan

"Boy was I surprised and happy to find your Goat Milk at Kowalski grocery store this week. I used to have a goat farm and my favorite goats were Toggenberg. I had fun when people came to dinner and I served milk, they all thought it was cow milk, and I would say "do you see any cows in the pasture?" and they could NOT believe that goat milk could taste so goooooood. I just wanted to say YOUR milk taste as good as mine did, and so I have been buying it."


"We just visited your farm yesterday and had a great tour. I have an excellent video clip that you might want to consider putting on your website It's our fantastic milking teacher, Ashley. Watching this clip makes you want to get out there and milk a goat. Thanks so much for an awesome tour everyone."

Meri Woodgate 

"Our homeschooling group visited your farm about a month ago and we thoroughly enjoyed our visit!! Thank you so much. Also, we were trying to remember the name of the woman who was so helpful with our tour. We would like to send her a thank you note! Thanks again! We will always have great memories of visiting your farm"

Lori DuBay 

"Quick note to say what a great time we had at Poplar Hill Farm!! What a beautiful place - everything was just pristine!! The girls had a blast feeding the babies and milking Big Mama!! Please pass along a big thank you to Ashley and Steve who acted as our tour guides. Thanks again!!"

Cammy Van Ness
Edina Brownie Troop 

We LOVE your goats! We bought our first two Alpine goats from Poplar Hill in 2007 and then in late 2008 we got our purebred buck, Majority. For four years Sarah has helped us learn how to care for our animals - she is always pleasant and sharing - always happy to explain things and share her expertise. Majority has given us and many others beautiful kids over the last three years. Our Poplar Hill Alpines are healthy, good-natured animals that are excellent producers. We couldn't ask for better dairy goats or better folks from which to buy. Thanks so much!

Barb Adams
Barnum, MN

Have a story of your own? Please contact us and let us know how Poplar Hill goat milk, cheese or our beautiful goats have made a difference in your life.

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